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Learn Gregorian Chant – Laus in Ecclesia Level One & Two & Three Courses 2024
Clear Creek Abbey will host three classes in Gregorian chant: Laus In Ecclesia, level 1, taking the complete beginner or amateur in Gregorian chant to the level of being able to sing the chant with a certain competence Laus in Ecclesia, level 2, building on the first degree, sharpening skills in reading notation, and rhythm, with an emphasis on the singing of the Divine Office in Gregorian chant. Laus in Ecclesia, level 3, bringing all the previous levels to completion: this level is aimed primarily at directors of scholas, with a concentration on interpretation of bigger pieces and chironomy (direction). The classes will be held from July 15th until the 19th, 2024. Find out more about it and register at .
Posted: 04-08-2024